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Post Covid Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Coming home from the hospital, after having so many meds and treatments, I felt like my poor insides needed to be “de-chemicalized.” (That’s a word- trust me.) One of my anti-inflammatory go-to is this smoothie. My son Michael, his wife Shell, and their two children had just gotten over Covid, came out to help take care of me so Rich could go back to work. Every morning without fail- he follows my recipe down to the count of the fruit and makes this for me. An act of love like that makes it taste even better!

post covid smoothie
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Therese's Sugar Cookie Recipe

Therese was a good friend of mine when I lived in Ohio. Of all the things I gained from that friendship, one of them is her sugar cookie recipe. I think of her every time I make them, and to this day is still my favorite recipe.

It is a really soft cookie, and it spreads a bit in the oven, so it's probably not the best recipe for detailed cut-outs. My 3-year-old granddaughter Wesley baked up a batch with her mom, and I think they look great! Along with the sugar cookie recipe, I have included a frosting recipe, but store-bought frosting also works fine.

Sugar Cookies and Frosting
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Award Winning Chili

"I won an award!" That's right. Well, I didn't win it. My friend was in a panic because she had entered the chili cooking contest at church and did not have a recipe for chili. She also did not have much time to make it. "I have the best recipe," I said. "It's quick and easy and tastes really good!" I gave her the instructions over the phone and - wait for it- She won the Chili cook-off! What's my secret, you may ask? It is Spicy V-8 juice!! Read below for the recipe, and enjoy!! Let me know if it wins any more awards!!

Award Winning Chili
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Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin Season is here! I don't know why Pumpkins only taste good in October and November. Pumpkins don't carry the same excitement in May or June. I went looking for and found some fun and unusual pumpkin recipes; I found this one and others on a website called funnily enough-Unusual Pumpkin Recipes! Who doesn't like fudge? Try it out, make it with your kids, and have fun finding pumpkiny things to make from the website.

[link below]

Pumpkin Fudge
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One of the best things about marrying Rich was that I had an instant brother and three older sisters! One of my visits to his sister Carol led to copying down many of her great recipes. One that is fun is her "Popcorn Cracker Jack Recipe." I have seven children, so the 20 cups of popcorn sounded about right. However, if you do not have seven plus people at your house for movie night- you can cut this in half or more. Click on the download below for a PDF version of this recipe.

Aunt Carol's Cracker Jacks
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My grandson Finn likes to cook. I was thinking about what I could send him, and the thought came to me that he might like a recipe box with some of my favorite recipes.

One of the first cookbooks I pulled out was the cookbook I got as a present on Christmas when I was nine. As I looked at the pages covered with the stains of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour spilled onto the worn-out pages, I smiled at the memories of my book and baking blissfully in my kitchen as a child. Each recipe brought about a new memory. Including the time I mistook the measurement for sugar as salt!


The first "Throwback Recipe" I want to share is "Fruit Basket Upset." It is a real 70's staple!! It is an easy, quick recipe you can make with your children or grandkids. I love the serving suggestion to have it with cinnamon toast!

Fruit Basket Upset
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Celebrate National Veggie Burger Day!

Veggie Burgers
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