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National Zoo Keeper Week

What is National Zoo Keeper week?:

In recognition of dedicated animal care professionals, the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) and zooquariam across the nation are celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week from July 19-25. In addition to bringing awareness to the animal care field, AAZK’s NZKW promotes professionalism and the dedication to conservation shared by all keepers. This year, AAZK is introducing its #ItTakesAZoo social media campaign to showcase how zoo keepers collaborate with many different departments, and sometimes act as those departments in addition to their animal care jobs, to accomplish excellent animal care, conservation and education.

2020 Theme : It Takes a Zoo: Zoo Keeping Takes Collaboration, emphasizing the zoo keepers who utilize different departments to help care for animals and their wild counterparts.


Provide members with the tools and support to recognize their peers and promote the animal care profession


Connect the public with animal care professionals- to raise awareness of what animal care prof do year-round, recognizing their hard work, conservation efforts and passion


The National Zoo Keeper Week program, provides tools and resources for he members that promote the animal care profession and educate the general public, each year finding innovative and novel ways of doing zoo.

Zoo Keeper Week
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Ways to recognize and support national Zoo Keeper week:

Since the first Zoo, its mission and purpose has evolved. While they may not have started out with animal conservation in mind, today Zoos are leading the way when it comes to conservation efforts on behalf of the hundreds of animals finding themselves on the endangered list. You might be surprised to find out the list includes: Giraffes, Elephants, Rhino’s, Mountain Gorillas, Orangutans, Sea Turtles, Tigers, Dolphins, Tuna and more.

Many Zoos will have celebration activities the week of July 19th. Check out your local Zoo for activities and find out what they are doing to help conserve animals in the wild and what you can do to help.

Below are some ideas you and your family can do on your own:

1. Contact your zoo. Find out how to engage in a conservation project to support efforts to increase animal population in the wild.

2. Create an obstacle course- hopscotch, turn in a circle three times here, hop like a kangaroo here, etc.]

3. Zoo Scavenger hunt- go to your local zoo with a list of animals to find and questions to answer.

4. Report and take pictures or video of your favorite animal and post it on social media – use #ItTakesAZoo

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