Sariah and Gogo Boots

When I was in the sixth grade, I fell in love. The problem was, the boy I loved was not similarly smitten with me! No matter what I did, he remained only “a friend.” “What can I do to make him fall in love with me?” I asked myself. I began to think and finally arrived at the only logical answer. I needed some white go-go boots! I saw it all in my head: I would be walking into school wearing my boots and suddenly this young man would fall in love with me! Lucky for me, it was December and you can bet white go-go boots topped my Christmas list. Imagine my joy when, on Christmas Day,

How could these NOT capture the heart of any 6th grade boy?

I opened the box that did indeed contain the very thing that would help me capture the heart of my true love. The first day back to school arrived and I showed up in a plaid skirt, white blouse and my sparkling white boots! But not only did my true love fail to fall in love with me, he didn’t even notice the boots! I was devastated. Time passed and we moved through junior high and high school. We both dated other classmates, he played baseball and we remained “friends.”

One summer, after graduation, I was working at a small news agency and guess who walked through the door! Yes! It was him! He saw me and said, “Cindy?”, then gave me a very big hug! The hug probably lasted longer than he expected, but when I finally let go, he asked how I was doing. I don’t remember much of the conversation until finally (dreams coming true), he asked me on a date. “YES!” I said and quickly scribbled down my phone number. After work that day, I was thinking about our date. Should I buy another pair of boots? All sorts of thoughts were flying through my head. And then I heard it: the Spirit whispered, “Don’t go out with him.”


“Don’t go out with him.”

I was on the verge of having my childhood dreams come true, but I knew in my heart that this was a path the Lord did not want me to take. I didn’t know why. The Lord did not explain, but it was only a few weeks later that I started dating my husband, Rich. I found the real man of my dreams and as they say, the rest is history.

How many times in life do we make really good plans, or want certain things to happen in certain ways only to find out that the Lord has another plan, a different path for us to follow? There are only a few forces of nature stronger than sixth grade crushes, and I will admit to being disappointed at the time. However, I am profoundly grateful for the Lord’s course correction that led me to the life I have.

Proverbs 19:20 points out that regardless of what plans men and women may devise in their hearts, it is the counsel or decision of the Lord that endures. Relying on and being obedient to the counsel of the Lord yields the joy of soul-expanding, eternal results.

A great example of this is Sariah from The Book of Mormon. Sariah, wife to Lehi, the first mother we read about in The Book of Mormon, had her life completely turned upside down by the commandment of the Lord to her husband. I’m sure that for Sariah, leaving her beautiful home and her extended family and friends in Jerusalem to journey through a dangerous desert wilderness with her husband and children for eight years, cross an ocean and begin life again in a new land, had never made it onto her bucket list of life experiences.

Sariah had a good life. In Jerusalem, Sariah worshiped God, went to church, and undoubtedly spent time in service. She had security, both economic and physical, and

"Sariah" painted by James H. Fullmer

enjoyed wealth, a happy family, and a network of friends. But the Lord asked her to do something dramatically different than what she was doing; He had more glorious growth experiences and blessings in mind for her.