Living the "Sue Life"

“There is a winner and a loser, and occasionally we lose. (hold for a signature Sue dramatic pause) But then we rise again.” On the National Geographic Channel Sue Aikens from the Alaskan Wilderness Reality TV show ‘Life Below Zero’, gives us her words of wisdom about life. I watch partly because I feel as an introvert myself, Sue and others on the show are ‘living the dream.’ At the same time, I am left wondering if a life with such isolation can be rewarding, fulfilling, or in any way productive to the human race.

Looking back on this year, I have my answer to both.

January 2020 we left our home, family, and friends in Texas of 20 years and moved to Arkansas. From January until March, we lived in a town 50 miles away from where we now live. Already feeling isolated, missing my friends and family, we finally moved into our new home. I was looking forward to meeting new people, getting involved in my church and the community. One week later, the world shut down.

“I can do this”, I thought. Life Below Zero became my inspiration. I can live the Sue life. Every introvert went into the quarantine thinking, ‘this is what I have been training for.’ Finally, introverts have their day. Like every other introvert, I would be a beacon of light for all the extroverts in our lives.